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TREATMENT OF PNEUMONIA.. By S. H. VANDOREN, .M.D., SAVDROOK, ILL. Realizing that no safe and certain cure for pneumonia is given by any medical work e.xtant in the English language, I desire to state briefly a few facts, which, I hope, will be instrumental in the hands of a part of the ninety thousand of earth's humanitarians toward lessening the fearful ravages of this chief lieutenant of death in all countries. I cytotec 200mcg shall not enter into the symptoms or the pathology of pneumonia, as these can be learned from many medi- cal works of the day. Upon those points there is no dispute. The world to-day is without a successful treatment and that is what I will supply. Medical men are as suddenly struck down by it as are their patrons. The treatment upon which in my experience most reliance can be placed is as follows : Counter-irritation to chest, followed by hot poultices constantly applied until all danger is past. Nothing new, say a thousand voices at once. No, but wait. I do not believe any person ever had pneu- cytotec on line monia when the liver and kidneys were in a normal condition. We must establish a free secretion of all the important organs of the system. First we would give: IJ Tr. aconiti, Tr. bryoniae aa gtt. x. Tr. digitalis 3 i. Potassii nit 3 ss. Fl. ext. ipecac gtt. x. Syr. pruni virg q.s. ad J iv. il. S. For adults, teaspoonful diluted every hour until patient is better; tlien only as seems to be required, say every three hours while fever lasts. I use the best imported German tinctures. They must be reliable. We have now started right. In an active practice for twenty years I never saw a case that did not need free catharsis. I think any compound employed should act through the blood and intestinal tube, and be capable of emptying the alimentary canal by its ef- fect upon the mucous membrane lining the intestinal tube, for if these toxic ptomains remain in the system they may destroy it, and this is why online pharmacy cytotec opiates of all kinds kill the patient — they check the elimination of those deadly poisons from the system, and cause de- bility and irritation in the lungs to increase. So we would give ; ^ Ext. rhei, Ext. jalap;v et sennoe aa | ij. Sodii bicarb., Potassii tart aa 3 iss. Tr. capsici 3 ss. Ess. menth 3 ij. Syr. simp q.s. ad O i. M. S. Tablespoonful diluted every three hours until the bowels operate three or four times thoroughly; then daily as re- quired to keep up free action. In forty-eight hours after this treatment has been instituted give: 1^ Syr. cytotec 400 mg ferri iodidi gtt. xx. Strychninaj sulph gr. jij. Atropina.' sulph gr. jjjj. M. S. Give ever)' four hours for one dose as above. By this treatment you sweep out of the system the poisons that if permitted to remain produce death. The last prescription strengthens the heart and less- ens in a very marked degree the pulmonary pressure in the lungs, and the irritation rapidly subsides. I was taught to depend upon about ten drops of syrup of iodide of iron, three times daily, in such cases for its alterative and tonic effect in assisting to clear up a hepati/cd lung; but such small doses are not sufficient in most cases to accomplish that result. I frequently give in acute bronchitis, especially in the aged, forty drops ever}' four hours, until marked im- provement is noted. Furthermore, the careful physi- cian will know when to lessen the dose of str}'chnine. .As a rule, after I liave the patient on the last pre- scription twenly-four hours, I reduce the strychnine to about one-one-hundred-and-fiftieth grain three or four times daily, and maintain a tolerably buy cheap cytotec free circulation all through the case. In conclusion, cytotec order I want online cytotec to impress upon the minds of members of the medical profession that it is not neces- sary for any ordinary case of pneumonia less than seventy years cytotec cheap old to die if treated upon these lines. If the above doses do not promptly control the disease, I increase the doses until I get the system profoundly under control and then maintain that effect. As regards the use of alcoholic stimulants, best Hol- land gin should be given from the start or in twenty- four hours after the chill. Why do we give gin? For two reasons : ist, to maintain a better circulation of the blood. 2d, and most important of all, to assist the kidneys to freely eliminate the various poisons that have the natural tendency in these cases to accumulate in a body. Colles' Immunity. — By this is meant that which is shown by those healthy mothers who, owing to syph- ilis in the father, have borne syphilitic children, but have themselves apparently escaped infection. This immunity has been proved in thousands of cases, and there is no longer anv doubt that it mav exist. August 22, 1896] MEDICAL RECORD. 283 Jiuuflical J'liggestious. Vaginal versus Abdominal Section Vaginal sec- tion: (i) A shallow and wide pelvis in a thin woman. (2) cytotec buy online Exploration of the peTvis. cytotec price (3) Visceral adhesion in true pelvis. (4) Displaced and buy cytotec adherent uterus. (5) Smaller ovarian cysts, especial !)• the intraliga- mentous and parovarian. (6) Smaller cytotec 200 mg fibroids, espe- cially the soft. (7) E.\tra-uterine pregnancy, up to seventh month and after death of fcttus. (8) Pelvic haeniatocele. (9) Puerperal hysterectomy. (10) Acute inflammation of the appendages, with peritonitis, in- volving cul-de-sac. (11) Inflammator)' destructive dis- eases of the appendages, including tuberculous disease. (12) Pelvic abscess pointing downward. (13) Conser- vative operations on appendages that lie in the true pelvis. Abdominal section: (i) A narrow and deep pelvis, especially if deformed. (2) Explorations above the true pelvis. (3) Visceral adhesions in false pelvis or above. (4) Large ovarian cysts, especially multilocu- lar, with colloid contents. (5) Large fibroids, espe- cially the firm and hard. (6) Extra-uterine pregnancy buying cytotec at time of rupture and of term. (7) Extra-uterine preg- nancy, with tumor wholly above the brim of the pelvis and not in relation with the uterus. (8) Pelvic abscess pointing upward. (9) Conservative operations under conditions unfavorable to vaginal section, such as nar- row and deep, or a deformed pelvis, that is contracted. — WiLLiA.M M. Polk, Canadian Practitioner, February 8, 1896. Malignant Disease of Uterus. — i. Cancer of the cervix uteri, if left without surgical interference, al- ways kills. 2. The disease in most instances is pri- marily a local process. 3. Early hysterectomy will cure quite a percentage of these cases. 4. The micro- scope, while a great diagnostic aid, is not infallible in its findings. 5. The experienced surgeon is warranted in resorting to hysterectomy, even in doubtful cases. 6. Every malignant gravid uterus should be removed before the disease has advanced beyond the period of a probable cure. — Cordier, Tri-State Medical Society, Chicago, April, 1896. Club Foot. — In infants who have not walked on a congenital equino-varus the deformity can be easily cured by manipulation by correcting first the varus and where to buy cytotec later the equinus, and holding the foot in plaster-of- Paris dressing after each manipulation until overcor- rection is obtained. The child should then wear a retention apparatus for a year after it has learned to walk. — T.WLOR, Maryland Medical /(Hinial, April 11, 1896. Nocturnal Emissions. — The cause of impotency, of abnormal seminal emissions, and of premature ejacu- lations is in most cases an intense hyperfcsthesia of the deep urethra. Nocturnal emissions occurring with greater frequency than once in ten days are indicative of some pathological condition which requires treat- ment; seminal discharges taking cytotec 200 mcg place in the daytime, when the patient is awake, are of serious import, how- ever infrequent they may be ; true spermatorrhoea is very rare. — Lamphear, American Journal of Surgery and Gynecology, Februar}' 18, 1896. Drainage of Abdominal Cavity. — Drainage of the abdominal cavity is an expression of the present im- perfect state of surgery. It is often an unavoidable evil. It should be limited to appropriate cases, and it is therefore well that the indications for it should be cytotec mg laid down clearly, so that we may have eventually some definite rules that will guide the surgeon in his abdominal work. There are now no fixed rules. Some surgeons avoid drainage order cytotec online whenever possible; others drain as a rule. If 1 were permitted to pass my judg- ment on this question as a whole, I would say that the surgeon who has the ambition to operate quickly, to make an impression on the bystanders, should drain frequently; while, on the other hand, the surgeon who proceeds with his work carefully, step by step, with plans well laid out, with his practical knowledge rest- ing on a firm pathological basis, will drain only in exceptional cases. — Senn, American Gynecological and Obstetrical Journal. Floating Kidney. — (1) Operate on all movable kidneys which are diseased, varying the operation ac- cording to the condition present. (2) When mechani- cal troubles or pain are present, try a purchase cytotec supporting ban- dage. If the symptoms disappear, then give to the patient the opportunity of choosing between operation and mechanical support. If a bandage does not give a good result, operate. (3) When hysterical or neu- rasthenic symptoms are present, then try the bandage, and do not operate unless it fails to give satisfactory results. (4) cytotec cost In cases of general abdominal relaxation

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