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active remedy, and he had himself frequently found it necessary to use a few drops of chloroform inhaled from a wide mouthed bottle covered with cotton. Used in that way not enough chloroform was inhaled to do harm. Steam was also useful in relieving cough and loosening Elimite Cost material in the upper air passages. Opium. — It was frequently necessary to relieve the pain of pleurisy connected with the pneumonia. He had often been struck by the prejudice which existed against opium or any of its alkaloids in pneumonia, the old idea being that it depressed the respiratory centre. He believed, however, that we were amply justified in using say, one-sixth of a grain of morphine subcutane- ously, for the relief of pain, and frequently it was the only means of relief, although occasionally hot water or ice to the surface would answer. Hot and cold water or ice acted in the same way, by depriving the affected part of some of its blood supply. For the relief of the insomnia of pneumonia, he preferred sulphonal and like agents to opium or chloral. To Relieve Dyspnoea. — To relieve dyspnoea due to congestion of the venous system, Dr. Peabody had much faith in the temporary removal of blood from the centre of irritation. It could be accomplished by placing a ligature about an extremity, thereby shutting off several pounds of blood from the general circulation, which might be continued an hour or an hour and a half. Of course if the dyspnoea were due to extensive involvement of the lungs, the ligature might fail to relieve it. Oxygen would then be of value. But he thought it was a mis- take to suppose that oxygen would be of value where there was no obstacle to the entrance of air. Stimulants would relieve dyspncea to a certain extent, particularly where it was due to overdistention of the right ven- tricle and right auricle. He would rank caffeine high among stimulants under those conditions. It was im- portant to give a good preparation ; the so Generic Elimite called citrates were inert. None was better than the caffeine itself, which, being insoluble in water and the fluids of the mouth, could be rendered soluble by the doctor himself giving it Permethrin Elimite in citric acid, thus making his own citrate of caffeine. As to antipyretics, he was personally a believer in cold baths in croupous pneumonia, used by the Brandt method as in typhoid fever. Give the bath once in three hours, temperature of 65° F. If the patient's temperature rose above 102.5° or 103° F., friction was useful. Antypy- retic drugs were not to be relied upon, especially if the temperature were high. If the patient were robust, a soothing dose of antipyrine could be given, but not enough to reduce the temperature lest it produce a toxic effect upon the heart. Simple nutritious food ; milk with each meal. Digitalis was the best stimulant. We now had a praiseworthy preparation of digitalin. Formerly it was an inert powder. He still used the French dosometric treatment, aconitin, digitalis, and arsenite of strychnia, modifying the Buy Elimite Cream combination according to the case, but had less faith in its value than formerly. Drugs in Typhoid Fever. — As to drugs in typhoid fever, he thought that according to modern views the fewer used the better. He believed that the cold bath, Elimite Lice accord- ing to the Brandt method, with friction in the bath, was rapidly replacing all other methods, Elimite Otc and in his opinion it was the best. He Elimite Price still has some hope for the antiseptic method, not in killing the bacteria, but in counteracting the poisons to which they gave rise. The Chairman named different kinds of treatment and called for a raising of the hand by those who still em- ployed them. Remedies which have Stood the Test of Time. — Dr. Simon Baruch thought that if the value of remedies was to be judged of by the length of time they had been in use, those of a hygienic character certainly took the first place. Baths and feeding Elimite Cream Over The Counter as remedies for disease dated back as far at least as Hippocrates. Lubricant for Catheters. — Castor-oil is an excellent material for this purpose. It is non- irritating and tena- cious. It should always be applied warm, and the bot- tle containing it should be frequently washed with alco- hol. It can be used for silk and rubber catheters alike. — Dr. J. M. Kitchen. 794 Permethrin 5 Percent Elimite MEDICAL RECORD. [December i6, 1893 MEDICAL SOCIKTY OF THE CUUNT^■ OF NEW YORK. Stated Meeting, November 2J, i8gj. William Stevens, M.D., Afterward H. D. Chapin, M D., IX THE Chair The Medical Directory. — Dr. Daniel Lewis read his fifth annual report as editor of the Medical Directory. To the last volume had Permethrin Elimite Cream been added names of Elimite Or Kwell practition- ers in the counties of Kings and AVestchester. Those members whose names had been omitted should com- municate with the treasurer. The total receipts had been 51,812; e.xpenditures, Si,6S6. Including uncol- lected bills, the balance to the credit of the society was S39,5- The society accorded Dr. Lewis a vote of thanks for his painstaking task in editing the directory. Report of the Committee on the Practice of Mid- wifery. — Dr. Edward A. Avers, chairman of the com- mittee consisting of Drs. Ayers, Karuch, Jones, Collyer, and Drayton, appointed at the March meeting to report upon the regulation of midwifery, read the report. Dr. Daniel Elimite For Lice Lewis moved that the report be received and referred to the comitia minora with power. Dr. Piffard thought that the proposed amendments should not be presented before the Legislature until they had received the indorsement of the State Medical So- ciety and approval of the State Board of Medical Ex- aminers and of the Board of Regents. He offered an amendment to that effect, which was adopted. Address of the Retiring President. — Dr. \\illiam Stevens, retiring president, read a brief Where Can I Buy Elimite Cream address, review- ing some of the work done by the society during the year, recommending to the consideration of the members Permethrin 5 Cream Elimite the Society for the Relief of Widows and Orphans Elimite Cream Otc of Medical Men, and expressing thanks for the courtesy which had been extended him during his term of office. Address of the President Elect. — In the absence of Dr. Powell, President-elect, the Vice-President, Dr. H. D. Chapin, read his address. In it he referred to certain abuses in medical practice, most prominent among which was the treatment at dispensaries and hos]jitals of per- sons who were able to consult a physician at his private office. A most flagrant violation of the charity act had been committed by the Board of Health when it had vaccinated free the members of the Board of I'rade and other prosperous business people. A corporation lawyer exacted the highest fee commensurate with the interests involved. Why should the physician take a different course ? It is also suggested that there should be legis- lation providing for the summing up by experts before the court or jury of testimony of a medical character. Such a system of expert testimony would inspire confi- dence and respect, whereas the present one had an effect quite the opposite. It was also recommended that any proposed medical legislation should first be submitted to the consideration of the comitia minora before being acted upon by the society. There should be a standing committee on legislation. The address contained a quotation from a recent editorial in the Medical Record regarding the New York Infant Asylum affair, and sur- prise was expressed that physicians could be so short- sighted as to range themselves upon opposite sides of this question. The entire profession should stand to- gether in repelling such injustice and discourtesy shown its members. On motion the recommendations and suggestions con- tained in the President's address were referred to the comitia minora with instructions to report at the next meeting. Bureau of Nurses. — The comitia minora Elimite 5 Cream reported as follows : That the question of the appointment of a com- mittee to establish a Nurses' Bureau shall be referred back to the society with the recommendation that a committee to confer with the Academy of Medicine with regard to the establishment of such a bureau shall be ap- pointed in its place. The report was accepted. Notes on the Modification of Cow's Milk for Infant Feeding. — Dr. Henry D. Chapin gave a rcsii;iu- oi \.hQ method of modifying cow's milk as suggested several years ago by Dr. Roach, of Boston, and now being car- ried out at the Walker Gordon Laboratory in this city, a rather full description of which was given in the Medical Record a short time ago by Dr. Northrup. Dr. Chapin had tried modified cow's milk for infant feeding in a number of cases, with almost uniform success. Dr Joseph E. Winters had used modified cow's milk a great deal. He had never had to change it to wet nurse. He had tried it in cases of premature birth with success, also in disease, and knew no reason why it should not always succeed if any kind of food would. A Newly Described Elimite Cream Scabies Skin Disease. — Dr. H. G. Pif- fard said that in the February number of the British Journal of Dermatology, 1892, Dr. Thomas Savill de- scribed a skin disease which resembled, in many respects, an eczema, but which was afterward found to be much more serious in character and due to a specific diplococ- cus. It occurred in man and animals. No case having been reported in this country. Dr. Piffard had requested illustrations of Dr. Savill's case, and having received them he wished to show them to the Society. The col- ored plates of the pathological condition were the best he had ever seen. Some Observations upon the Action and Value cf Hy- oscyamin in Nervous and Mental Diseases ; Personal Experiment with the Drug. — Dr. \\ illiam Spratling read the paper. He had been connected for five years past with a State institution for the insane in which were admitted about one hundred acute cases annually, and had had considerable opportunity for observing the ef- fects of hyoscyamin or hyoscin in mental and nervous diseases, especially during the first part of that period. He had many times given one-tenth of a grain of sul- phate of hyoscyamin, sometimes one eighth of a grain, but this was before he had had much experience with it. A case which had strongly impressed upon him the possi- bility of serious consequences of giving large doses was that of a vigorous young Irishwoman who received one- eighth of a grain every eight hours until several doses had been administered, in order to control her maniacal state. Physical restraint was prohibited. She died on the tenth day, and the condition of the blood and circu- latory system led him to believe that the poisonous action of the drug had been a potent factor in bringing about the fatal issue. The reports upon the hypnotic effects of hyoscyamin and hyoscin Elimite Generic had been very contradictory. Dr. Sprat- ling believed that their hypnotic influence was only ap- parent, being due solely to the motor paralysis which they produced. The patients did not sleep, did not ob- tain mental rest, but were left in the same state of mental excitement after the bodily lassitude or paralysis had passed away. The author then described the effect upon himself of a hypodermic injection of one-fifteenth of a grain of hyos- cyamin into the arm. The first effect was a fulness of the head, objects presented a hazy outline, then he be- came jolly, laughed immoderately ; after many fruitless efforts, succeeded in Where Can I Buy Elimite getting into bed. Pulse and respi- ration were increased. Pinching his right leg as hard as he could produced only the sensation of pressure by a blunt object. Ten minutes after receiving the drug mo- tor paralysis became complete, commencing with the lower extremities and proceeding upward. Grosser move-

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